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Wine Lister – The “New Standard”?

A new wine website has just popped up, and claims to be “The new standard in wine rating”. So how does it work?

Ella Lister has been working on an idea for 4 years, and finally believes that it is ready to be presented to the public. Wine Lister aims to be a one-stop wine rating website in which all affecting variables are taken into account. These include: quality, wine scores, auction prices, popularity on, brand popularity and assessment of distribution based on wine lists from the best restaurants in the world.

How does all of this come into a particular wine’s rating? Well you score the wine out of 1000 points, that’s how. The company has done away with a rating scale of 100 in order to allow for greater accuracy based on a score to be given out of 1000. With only the top 20% of the current 100 point scale being used, Wine Lister has said that they aim to use their entire 1000 point scale to truly show the difference between wines from a qualitative point of view. Ella Lister, the founder of Wine Lister, has told The Drinks Business: “We felt that the more traditional 100-point scale, whereby only the top 20% is actually used, would undo the nuance and meticulousness of the exercise.”

There are currently around 2000 bottles of wine on the website, but Lister has said that they would like to expand to over 5000 in the near future. You can not only search by wine or score, but you can also search by investment staples, value picks, hidden gems and buzz brands.

Lister concluded: “Wine Lister is a true hub of information that can adapt to the user’s requirements. It’s a sophisticated system, rating sophisticated wines, for an increasingly sophisticated audience.”

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