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The Pope of Chinon

Domaine Philippe Alliet is a classic example of vignerons who are acutely aware of the treasured terroir they are in possession of. Knowledge and experience are invested wholeheartedly in the vineyards and the return is a collection of 100% Cabernet Franc wines of purity and balance.

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Philippe Alliet and his son Pierre preside over this small 17-hectare domaine (affectionately known as the “Pope of Chinon”) next to Chinon in Cravant-les-Côteaux in the Loire, about 300km south-west of Paris. When Claude and Philippe took over the family vineyards in 1978, their vision was clear: extend the vineyard holdings and be sure to get the very best out of them. The site of some of the best Cabernet Franc vineyards in the region, the Alliet family is widely regarded as one of the leading producers in Chinon – part of a new generation of vignerons in the Loire with hard work done in the vineyards, there is dedication to keeping yields small and picking only optimally ripe fruit.

“Father-and-son team of Philippe and Pierre Alliet have raised the bar for what’s possible with Loire Cabernet Franc and are now run one of the top domaines in Chinon.” 
Jason Wilson for Vinous | July 2020

Chinon in brief 
Consisting of eighteen villages, the appellation of Chinon is located along the Vienne River and with its northern boundary sitting at the river’s confluence with that of the Loire’s. The soils here are rich and complex and can be roughly summed up in three parts: terraces of alluvium with gravel and sand along the river; further up on the slopes along the river there is more limestone; and at the top, along the plateau, the soil is characterised more by clay and sand.

With no frills, the Chinon “Tradition” leads the way in terms of value-for-quality Loire Cabernet Franc. Fully de-stemmed (same across the range), this wine spends 9 months in cement tank. Then, produced from 60-70-year-old vines, the “Vieilles Vignes” spends twice as long in cement tank and is a wine that shows the wonderful potential for bottle-aged Cabernet Franc. Both wines are produced from vines planted in sandy and gravel soil.

As this is our maiden consignment from Alliet, we have two vintages of the “Tradition” (2019 and 2020) so the 6-bottle case consists of these, together with the 2018 “Vieilles Vignes”.

We cannot recommend these wines highly enough. They tick all the necessary boxes in terms of authenticity, value and quality.

Only 36 mixed cases available. 

Philippe Alliet 6-bottle case

*Price is per 6-bottle mixed case and incl. VAT

Chinon “Tradition” rouge 2019 (x 2 bottles)
Chinon “Vieilles Vignes” rouge 2018 (x 2 bottles)
Chinon “Tradition” rouge 2020 (x 2 bottles)