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Spring in your step with a bubbly and a bomb

We will soon be ticking over into September and that means warmer days and flowers in bloom. It’s nearly Spring which means it’s time to crank up the freshness level on the wine. Courtesy of Donovan Rall and Pieter Walser, we have the perfect pair of wines to bid Winter goodbye to. 

Dear Reader,

With a mere 2,160 bottles produced, this wine is somewhat of a well-kept secret. Donovan Rall discretely released his Méthode Ancestrale 2020 Cinsault along with his other wines and now that the dust has settled on the rush for the 2021 vintage of Rall Wines, it’s time to reach for that beer opener. Pétillant naturel, or méthode ancestrale, is the oldest method of making sparkling wine. This winemaking technique involves bottling wine that is still fermenting and sealing it with a crown cap to trap carbon dioxide gas in the bottle, creating a gentle carbonation.

Donovan’s 2020 Methode Ancestrale is a rosé of 100% Swartland Cinsault and like many a ”Pét-nat”, is low in alcohol – this one measuring in at 10.5%. The fruit expression on the wine is beautifully fresh and there is no sweetness. The big man that Donovan is, he sure has a deft touch and just like all of his wines, there is balance and purity to this bubbly which makes it an absolute pleasure to drink.

Méthode Ancestrale Cinsault Rosé 2020
R265 per bottle

Rall Wines | Méthode Ancestrale Rosé | 2020 | W.O. Swartland | 100% Cinsault

‘A solid 15% alcohol Piekenierskloof Grenache noir Rosé, please do not judge the wine by its alcohol…it is on the high side but the wine is in 100% balance. Fresh as a daisy.” – Pieter Walser.

Indeed, while on the label this wine is at the other end of the alcohol spectrum to Donovan’s bubbly, Pieter sums up The Pink Bomb perfectly. Pieter also cheekily chose to bottle the wine in a thick, sparkling wine bottle as part of the ”bomb” motif, but once in the glass you will discover for yourself just how elegant this rosé is.

There wasn’t a lot of The Pink Bomb made and we were just in time. The Winery is sold out and we understand why. We are sadly short of decent still rosé wines in South Africa, but The Pink Bomb exploded to reveal a glimmer of hope for the category.

The Pink Bomb 2021
R210 per bottle

BLANKbottle Winery | The Pink Bomb | 2021 | W.O. Piekenierskloof | 100% Grenache

With regards to the Rall Wines range, if you missed out in July when the wines were released please chat to us as there is the likes of Donovan’s flagship Red 2020 and White 2021 available. The Pink Bomb from BLANKbottle Winery is a new arrival and it was joined by a couple of other wines so again, please chat to us for more information.

Thank you and here’s to Spring 2022!