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Somewhere on the Ceres Plateau, you will find Little William

When listening to Pieter Walser’s directions of where this Syrah vineyard is located, when he gets to the part, ”turn right and go until you can’t go any further”, that is when you know we are dealing with something special. From a vineyard of Syrah, planted on decomposed sandstone at 750 meters above sea level, at the origin of the Olifants Rivier on the plateau of the Witzenberg Mountain, Pieter Walser’s BLANKbottle Winery brings us the Little William. Today marks the release of the highly anticipated 2022 vintage.

Dear Reader,

Pieter Walser and his team started working with this vineyard in 2015. It has become a very important site for BLANKbottle Winery and a lot of work and investment has gone back into the vines. We have witnessed this wine get better with each vintage, and the 2022 feels like the culmination of all that passion and energy that has been poured into it.

Little William is 100% Syrah, produced from vines planted by Dougald and his wife Margaret McDonald several years ago, ”in the middle of nowhere”, according to Pieter. The grapes are picked by hand and crushed by foot, with the stems. Pieter has tweaked the winemaking process to achieve the right amount of extraction, while maintaining the wine’s finesse. One new barrel is introduced each vintage, so the amount of new oak is low – less than 10%. The wine sits in barrel for 12 months before being bottled.

Just 3,500 bottles of Little William were produced from the 2022 vintage. Great Domaines is fortunate to receive an allocation from Pieter each year to share with our customers. The wine is on its way from the winery, and we are very excited indeed! Please send us your order request, while there is still wine available. Included in the offer, is a very limited number of 1.5 litre magnums of the 2022 Little William.

BLANKbottle Winery
Little William
W.O. Ceres Plateau
2022 vintage


R 380 
per bottle

Only 3,500 bottles produced

R 775 
per magnum

Very limited