GD News

2017 Burgundies have safely arrived!

If you are reading this news and are part of our annual allocation campaign then we are delighted to share with you that the first half of the 2017 Burgundies have safely arrived at GD’s headquarters. We expect the balance in the next week and a half.

Due to the nationwide lockdown that began at the end of March and the subsequent restrictions on the sale and movement of liquor that ensued, one of our most anticipated shipments had to be held back from departing France until we could safely receive it in South Africa. The first of two containers of Burgundy 2017s for our annual allocation campaign has now arrived. When the initial liquor restrictions were lifted, we had the shipment depart France only to then have South Africa enter its second wave of lockdown. We were prepared and managed to secure the relevant paperwork to permit both the arrival of our container and transportation of it from the port to our cellars in Johannesburg. All our wines are transported in refrigerated containers so were optimally looked after during this prolonged journey.

Most of you will know that it has taken us just over 20 years of hard work and persistence to build up this unique portfolio of 38 Burgundian domaines. Most of the wines are produced in such small volumes that we are constantly competing with the rest of the world for allocations. Thanks to our annual visits, valuable relationships have been established and we have managed to gradually build on this special portfolio. South Africa might not be the biggest market, but our Burgundian domaines see how much our customers value and appreciate their wines. This is what is most important to them and we hear this every time we are there to visit them.

We would like to thank you again for your support and your trust in the business we care so much about. We look forward to sharing in a couple of good bottles with you when it is finally safe to do so once more.