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Alheit Vineyards Hereafter Here 2020

Alheit Vineyards Hereafter Here 2020, "The wine is full-bodied and bright, lovely nose of pear juice, yellow fruit and blossoms, very fine palate, rich enough for the table, refreshing enough to be an apéritif. See for yourself." - Winemaker's notes

Alheit Vineyards Nautical Dawn 2020

Alheit Vineyards Nautical Dawn 2020, "This wine reflects the tension of elements where it grows: the mellow glow of Stellenbosch sunshine drenching the hills, doused by a cold salty slap of South East wind. Yellow fruit and sweet herbs sing their familiar tune. The wine is mouth filling and moreish, saline, and nimble. Lovely long resonating finish. I give it two thumbs up." - Winemaker's notes