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Durand Vintage Opener

R2,505.01 inc. VAT
If you have ever opened an old bottle of wine, you may have been confronted with the challenges of an old cork: breaking, disintegrating or being stubbornly stuck against the sides of the glass neck. Old bottles of wine are special and there is nothing worse than resorting to pushing the entire cork into the bottle or having to decant and sieve out fragments of cork. The Durand corkscrew has been designed by Atlanta-based wine collector, Mark Taylor, specifically for old wines.The Durand corkscrew is a fully patented two-part device that enables you to successfully remove older and fragile corks whole while also leaving them intact. This opener is an essential tool for anyone with a collection of older bottles of wine.

Pulltex Glass Cleaner

R160.01 inc. VAT
The Pulltex Glass Cleaner has a flexible brush made of an absorbent material that reaches the bottom and all corners of the wine glass to remove the impurities or water traces at the bottom. This product is the perfect cleaning companion to your Zalto glassware and is dishwasher safe.