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BLANKbottle “Searching for L’Estrange” 2019

R285.00 inc. VAT
"A whole-bunch, clay pot, bees-waxy Palomino. The wine is true to it’s name - (L’E) STRANGE! It's made from humble Palomino, which originated in the Sherry producing areas of Spain. The cuttings were brought to the African continent by ship and planted in 1965 on the mountain in Piekenierskloof, 550 meters above sea level. The 54-year old bush-vine vineyard, grown in African soil was made in African pots made from Limpopo clay, enhanced by the wax of African bees producing honey from African flora - meticulously guided, bottled and labelled by the colourful hands of the African people." - Producer Note

BLANKbottle Boberg 2020

R260.00 inc. VAT
"2015 was the first year that I bought the grapes from this Vineyard. The Farmer calls the vineyard BOBERG, which means “on top of the Mountain”. It was a neglected little vineyard, old bush vines with no irrigation. The farmer identified it as a site with potential and started with a restoration process. The vineyard grows in decomposed granitic soil in Wellington. The site is cooler than the others in the area. I used it in 2015 as a component in the Moment of Silence blend. The vineyard seemed to produce a high acid even though it grows in extreme conditions. In 2016 and 2017 the farmer decided to move farming practises from conventional farming to organic. Boberg is now organically certified. He also installed irrigation to enable it to sustain heat waves during warm parts of summer." - Producer Note

BLANKbottle Epileptic Inspiration 2019

R260.00 inc. VAT
"1/3 Elgin Semillon that fermented and aged in French Oak for one and 1/2 years. 1/3 Elgin Semillon that fermented and aged in 330 liter clay amphora. 1/3 Baardseerdersbos Semillon, that fermented and aged in 330 liter clay amphora. I am not a fan of greener wines and therefore concentrate on picking the grapes when it is fully developed, which results in a riper-style Semillon. The story of Epileptic Inspiration: "Epileptic Inspiration 2013? You have no respect!", a Swiss guy told me on a recent trip to Zurich. Since the beginning of BLANKbottle, I have been designing my own labels. At first, it was because there was absolutely no way I could afford designers. I made use of Microsoft Word, typed BLANKbottle, placed it into a block and played around with the colours - no designing skills required at all. And, to be honest, for the first 10 years I actually didn't like my labels much (besides maybe the honesty of it). Every year, I would again have to fight off the desire to employ professional label designers. For those of you who don't know this: I started having Epilepsy at the age of 30. Then in November 2013, whilst not on medication, I had another huge epileptic fit (the second one ever). So the Dr booked me off driving and surfing, yet again. When I have a fit, what happens to me at first is that I forget everything. My long term memory returns quite soon thereafter (within hours), but I find that my short term analytical memory takes about 2-3 months to return - if at all... And this is how I started to design my new labels for the 2013 wines. I could not look at the computer due to the flickering screen. So I started making use of scissors, paint, Lino, pencil and old paper. And the result: I think I had a breakthrough in design, inspiration of Epileptic proportions. So the drawing and design of my own labels came as a direct result of my epilepsy. And here’s the strange part which I cannot prove - I believe that something in my brain changed due to epilepsy. Before epilepsy I had no skill or desire to draw paint etc. Now I still don’t have the skill, but at least I like my labels! All 47 of the ones coming your way in 2019." - Producer Note

BLANKbottle Im Hinterhofkabuff 2018

R310.01 inc. VAT
"The Im Hinterhofkabuff vineyard is small and is planted in pure yellow sandstone rock, vines trellised onto single poles - like they do in the Mosel, Germany. There is no irrigation and the slope is steep. It is exposed to the rough and gusty South-easter wind blowing straight from Hermanus. It is a cold and rugged site which produce very little grapes - some years resulting in only one barrel. The 2018 vintage produced two barrels. It is 100% Weisser Riesling, spontaneously fermented in old, small French Oak barrels. It is a concentrated riper style of Weisser Riesling. It has a firm acidity and mineral within the rich style. It will age beautifully (the current 2012 drinking beautifully at the moment). My aim is not to imitate German-style Rieslings - we try to capture the South African sunlight in this wine" - Producer Note

BLANKbottle Kortpad Kaaptoe 2018

R207.00 inc. VAT
"Taking its name from a footpath that was a shortcut to Cape Town from the Swartland, this pure Fernão Pires is surely a one off in the Cape. Rich, broad and palate coating, it has spice and peachy sweetness and abundant perfume" - Tim Atkin MW, South African Special Report 2019

BLANKbottle Rabbitsfoot 2018

R230.00 inc. VAT
"This block of grapes grows very high on the Helderberg mountain in Stellenbosch. The owner of the vineyard makes a sweet wine from it. The technique he uses is to pinch the stems of the bunches whilst it is still on the vine. He then leaves the grapes on the vine to dry. Unfortunately, what’s been happening is that the baboons from the mountain come down and feast on the top part of the vineyard. He therefore needed a buffer between his precious sweet stuff and the mountain baboons and decided to give me the top part of this awesome vineyard (on the flat top section). This fools the baboons into thinking that there are no grapes left on the bottom slope. His plan works like a bomb! (and I’m not complaining at all!) I can’t get much so this is a limited production of about 835 bottles. I personally don’t like Sauvignon blanc all that much, but this does not taste like traditional Sauvignon blanc at all. It is ripe, barrel-fermented and aged. An awesome, very different expression of South African Sauvignon. The label is a combination of Linocuts, and hand-drawings showing an a-symmetrical shape that is very close to my heart. Sort of similar to the a-symmetrical wine in the bottle. It tastes the complete opposite of what one might expect." - Producer Note

BLANKbottle TBC Non-Vintage

R230.00 inc. VAT
"I spent 4 days driving from Avignon all along the Rhône river through Hermitage, Crozes Hermitage, Condrieu to Côte Rôtie. It was fascinating and invigorating. Condrieu’s wines (or rather the ones I tasted), were mineral, fresh and lean with depth in character and complexity - and made from Viognier - a varietal we struggle with in South Africa. SA Viognier are mostly over extracted, rich, sweet and floral. I have access to a really nice block of Viognier on the slopes of the Helderberg mountain facing Stellenbosch. I have been making wine from that block since 2012, but,up until today, have only used it in blends. So I decided to do an experiment. We picked the vineyard in two sections. The first picking on a relatively low sugar and a second picking as a ripe component. A combination of the two were aged for 2 years in old small barrel French Oak - 50% of the final blend. The other 50% was an early picking of the same vineyard the following year. In other words; the final wine is 50% early picking that spent one year in barrel (2018 vintage) and the other 50% a combination of early and late picking aged 2 years in barrel (2017 vintage). And I had no name for the wine. You know, it does happen that sometimes the name and label of a wine just doesn’t happen when it should… My distributers pressured me to get the wine out and after a suggestion by one of the reps, the name became TBC - To Be Confirmed." - Producer Note

Castello ColleMassari Melacce Montecucco Vermentino 2018

R195.01 inc. VAT
"Clean Vermentino with a fruity-fresh first sip. Aromas of Granny Smith apple, white peach and sweet limes with a hint of exotic fruits. Crispy and dry on the palate with fantastic minerality. The after-taste is dry and indicates a good pressing as well as an aromatic precision. An ideal summer wine very elegant and classy." - Producer Note

Clos Rougeard Saumur Blanc “Bréze” 2014

"Serious and brooding Chenin. Dark golden, offering deep, intense aromas of wax, honey, lanolin and tropical fruit. In the mouth, full-bodied and more lush than the later vintages, veering far to the Burgundian side of things. A lovely wine, but very big, and showing a good deal of oak influence." - Jason Wilson, Antonio Galloni's Vinous

Damascene Franschhoek Semillon 2019

"A seashell breeze opens the interior life of the old vine Semillon, evolving in the glass, a subtle iridescence of flavour. Layers unfold; the slick of sea becomes salted caramel and just-toasted almonds, complemented with a kaleidoscope of orange citrus, apricot tang and white peach purity, then scented with the spiced perfume of ginger blossom and an undertow of savoury lanolin. The complexity deepens on the chalky palate, a stony freshness running right through, speaking of the Semillon's riverside origins. The mineral acidity races along with the broad, textural presence of the wine, a tug between glycerol density and weightlessness, skating into a waxy orange-toned, lengthy finish." - Producer Note

David & Nadia “Hoë-Steen” Chenin Blanc 2019

"From a 1968 vineyard between Malmesbury and Darling. Striking aromatics of flowers, naartjie and stone fruit plus some leesy complexity and spice. The palate is rich and relatively thick textured – great depth of flavour with a gently savoury finish." - Christian Eedes, Winemag

David & Nadia “Plat’bos” Chenin Blanc 2019

"From a vineyard on Paardebosch planted in 1987 on granite. An exquisite nose with notes of flowers, dried herbs before lime, lemon and white peach. The palate, meanwhile, is crystalline – wonderfully pure and focused with great energy and length. Hits the target with pinpoint accuracy." - Christian Eedes, Winemag