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Zalto “Axium” Decanter

R1,550.00 inc. VAT
Volume: 1450 ml Gives the wine the ideal ventilation to help develop the wine's aroma and taste.

Zalto “Mystique” Decanter

R1,775.00 inc. VAT
Volume: 1900 ml Ideal for magnum bottles.

Zalto Carafe “No. 25”

R695.00 inc. VAT
Volumes: 820 ml Allows for optimal flavor development, preserves the freshness. Well suited for storage in the refrigerator.

Zalto Grey Spittoon “250”

R1,225.00 inc. VAT
The Zalto Grey Spitoon can be used as an overflow container or spittoon and holds a 250ml capacity. Zalto glassware stands at the rarefied point where form meets function. Each piece of Zalto glassware sets itself apart instantly – from the perfectly executed balance to the exceptional design, it seems almost too delicate to hold. Yet it is perfectly made for just that. This Spittoon is a great addition to your glassware collection to catch any overflow wine when doing a tasting.