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Sadie Family Wines “Columella” 2009

R1,495.00 inc. VAT
"Healthy deep ruby-red. Deep, sappy aromas of black cherry, menthol and rose petal, plus a whiff of smoke I did not pick up in the 2008. Densely packed and fat; at once savory and seriously ripe, with the black cherry, berry and floral flavors communicating an impression of power. Wonderfully rich, deep wine with lovely definition, and more accessible today than the 2008. Incidentally, Sadie described 2009 as “the strongest vintage ever in Swartland, especially for white wines.” This was the first vintage that was made via what Sadie described as “our new way of aging,” in which the wine stays just 12 months in 10% new thick-walled (68 mm) foudres “that breathe ten times slower.” He also vinified with 20% whole clusters in 2009 for the first time “to preserve more fruit.” (Sadie makes his wines in “The Old Vine Series” entirely with whole clusters but has kept the percentage to about 20% for Columella.)" - Stephen Tanzer, Antonio Galloni's Vinous

Sadie Family Wines “Columella” 2018

"The 2018 vintage of Columella is testimony to the bigger dynamics a regional blend has access to: the challenges brought about by the drought were completely addressed in this multi-vineyard, multi-varietal wine from across the Swartland. This may be the darkest fruit we have ever been able to capture at 13.5% alcohol and with the presence of Syrah in decline in the final blend, the influence of Grenache, Cinsaut, Carignan and Tinta Barocca is more pronounced. Our Mourvèdre component is the strongest it has ever been. This 2018 bottling is a wine with a big temperament: explosive, but not excessive. It is like a plane with perfect aerodynamics, flying effortlessly; very much in line with the 2001, 2008 and 2011. Ageing required." - Producer Note

Sadie Family Wines “Kokerboom” 2019

"The Kokerboom vineyard and its inclusion is pivotal in the range because Semillon (or Green Grape/ Groendruif as it is called in the Cape) made up 80% of the national planting at one point. In South Africa there is the green version referred to as Green Grape and the red version was referred to as red Green Grape… only in South Africa! But that is what it was and it was a very effective base wine for brandy as well as still white wines. The Kokerboom vineyard consists of around 80% white Green Grape and 20% red Green Grape. We pick them together and press them simultaneously. The wine is one of the richest wines we produce with pure volume and massive texture. The Semillon ripens very well in this area due to the high solar radiation and the grapes enter the cellar between 13.5 – 14% alcohol. Kokerboom has little to none of the green herbaceous flavours so often associated with the grape, but is known for its limey character with citrus, chamomile flavours and waxy textures." - Producer Note

Sadie Family Wines “Mevrou Kirsten” 2019

"The vineyard is in very good standing currently and this year we will do the last interplanting of about 100 vines that we will root and re-graft next year. Over the past 15 years the wine has gained elegance, carried by immense texture, density and power. Of all the sites we currently work with, this is the only one that has the capacity to produce a wine of such volume and weight, without any excessive notions. The texture and length of the wine just call everything into perfect discipline. The 2019 can rival the 2015 vintage and has an even greater ageing ability. We urge clients to give this wine the benefit of time in the bottle." - Producer Note

Sadie Family Wines “Palladius” 2018

"Over the past 5 years Palladius has been the wine that gained most in quality and refinement and much of this has to do with the addition of more vineyards and the improvement of their viticulture. There is always room for improvement but currently of all our wines the Palladius, with 17 vineyards, obviously represents the biggest canvas of the Swartland. The 2018 wine is a seamless entity with a slightly higher acidity than in 2017 and 2016, but much more layered and the overall polarity in the wine has increased. Tasting this for the annual review and for our records, we were reminded that a great white wine surpasses all “classifications” of wine. This one is seriously packed and dense at 13.5% alcohol with an acidity that beams at you. Hands off for a while!" - Producer Note

Sadie Family Wines “Palladius” Magnum 2017

R1,695.00 inc. VAT
"The 2017 Palladius is matured in a mixture of concrete and clay. It gradually unfurls with brioche, praline and honeysuckle aromas, wonderfully focused and precise. The well-balanced palate delivers orange zest and tangerine on the entry. The acidity is very well judged and there is real brightness and tension toward the finish. Is it the most complex Palladius Sadie has ever made? Maybe not, but it is still a beautiful wine." - Neal Martin, Antonio Galloni's Vinous

Sadie Family Wines “Pofadder” 2019

"In 2018 we picked the Cinsaut grapes in the Pofadder vineyard quite early on the account of the drought but in 2019 the vineyard looked much more buffered against the drought and we picked riper, closer to the ripening average we have come to in the past. The wine immediately responded by just having a more complex dynamic. The aromas of the 2019 Pofadder are some of the most perfumed to date and the aromatic design is more complex and not just running on a singular red fruit line. The mouthfeel is in greater equilibrium than ever before. The 2019 is quite open and will require less cellaring than 2018 and 2017." - Producer Note

Sadie Family Wines “Treinspoor” 2019

"It is no secret that we have a very high regard for the Tinta Barocca grape and that is with good reason. Year after year it is one of the mono-varietals that seriously translates “terroir” in the Swartland. We needed a few years to learn to read the extraction points and grape growing patterns of the varietal and the vineyards are in better equilibrium now. Any fan of Piedmont wines will have a greater attraction to this wine for the 2019 Treinspoor is a dark horse that needs time in the bottle and the benef it of patience. The fruit on this vintage is pretty and it is a more drinkable early version, but I urge buyers to give it the benef it of time." - Producer Note

Sadie Family Wines “Skerpioen” 2019

"Skerpioen (Scorpion) is a wine from a very unique location halfway between Dwarskersbos and Elands Bay on the West Coast. One of the most amazing aspects of this location is the fact that the soils are chalky (limestone). In addition to that it is one of the coolest parts of the Swartland region, located a mere 2km from the Atlantic Ocean, but it is also a very dry area with an average rainfall of around 300mm per year. This location is home to some of the most intense south-easterly winds and the old vines look almost abused after having been battered by winds and blowing sand for years and years. The character of the wines that yield from this area is mostly trademarked by being extremely salty and saline, with some limey tones. Year after year this is our white wine with the highest level of natural acidity and the lowest percentage of alcohol." - Producer Note

Sadie Family Wines “Skurfberg” 2019

"The Skurfberg Mountain is part of the Citrusdal mountain area and the word Skurfberg (Rugged Mountain) mainly refers to the edgy and rough appearance of the mountain. The soil is mainly decomposed Table Mountain sandstone formations and tends to be very sandy. This is also an area with no phylloxera, the disastrous disease that almost annihilated the entire grape-growing world. Here one can still plant own-rooted vines today. This Chenin Blanc from the Skurfberg area is completely different from any other in South Africa and it is one of the few places where we have the possibility to capture the stone fruit and extremely elegant aspects of Chenin Blanc together with a core of minerality. It is a truly great site for Chenin and it is most unusual that such a warm and dry area still produces wines with this enormous texture and freshness." - Producer Note

Sadie Family Wines “Soldaat” 2019

"The Soldaat vineyard fills the entire cellar with the red strawberry, cherry and pomegranate kind of fresh fruit aromas and perfumes during fermentation; and very similar flavours are to be found in the resultant wine. Grenache is a grape that completely translates the terroir into liquid. There is a purity of fruit as well as very earthy notes that develop into greater complexity in time and result in a transparent wine with fresh fruit aromas. The tannin textures do reward those who have the nerve to wait and allow the wine to mature properly for 5 – 8 years minimum." - Producers Note

Tempus Chenin Blanc 2019

R395.00 inc. VAT
"The wine was vinified and matured in our very own concrete egg that stays in the Sadie Family winery. It was bottled and released at the same time as the 2018 Columella and Palladius and 2019 Ouwingerdreeks wines. This Chenin Blanc is very aromatic on the nose with floral and stoned fruit notes. The mouthfeel is rich and textured, but beautifully poised with acidity that gives the wines real length. The wine is lovely to drink now, but we suggest cellaring it for 3-5 years." - Great Domaines