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Alheit Vineyards Hereafter Here 2020

Alheit Vineyards Hereafter Here 2020, "The wine is full-bodied and bright, lovely nose of pear juice, yellow fruit and blossoms, very fine palate, rich enough for the table, refreshing enough to be an apéritif. See for yourself." - Winemaker's notes

Alheit Vineyards Hemelrand Vine Garden 2020

Alheit Vineyards Hemelrand Vine Garden 2020, "The wine gleams in the glass, a lovely straw colour. The nose is exotic, showing stone fruit and talcum, lemon rind and baking spice. The wine has an absolutely towering presence on the palate, robust flavours cut through by rapier acidity. A very invigorating drink." - Winemaker's notes

Alheit Vineyards Cartology 2019

R365.00 inc. VAT
Alheit Vineyards Cartology 2019, "Weight and power are not the same thing. Here’s a wine with a moderate palate weight that has both intensity and power. The nose is wonderful: kumquat citrus, sweet oatmeal and honey, maybe elderflower. The palate is fine and bright, reminiscent of salty/sweet candied lemon, great length."- Winemaker's notes

Alheit Vineyards Cartology 2020

R395.00 inc. VAT
"This is the tenth bottling of Cartology, making it a rather special milestone for us. I personally put a great deal of thought into the assembly of this wine, wanting to bottle something beautiful to celebrate the 10th vintage. The wine looks alive and bright, pale gold in colour. Citrus rind and pear ring clear on the nose…there’s a faint herbal/stony echo and some soft cardamon-like spice here too. The palate is sappy and layered, fine and dry with lovely cleansing acidity. Long finish. I’d say more, but I think the wine will speak for itself." - Winemaker's notes

Alheit Vineyards Nautical Dawn 2020

Alheit Vineyards Nautical Dawn 2020, "This wine reflects the tension of elements where it grows: the mellow glow of Stellenbosch sunshine drenching the hills, doused by a cold salty slap of South East wind. Yellow fruit and sweet herbs sing their familiar tune. The wine is mouth filling and moreish, saline, and nimble. Lovely long resonating finish. I give it two thumbs up." - Winemaker's notes

Alheit Vineyards Monument Sémillon 2020

Alheit Vineyards Monument Sémillon 2020, "The wine has a deep golden colour. Expressive nose of blossoms and mandarin, wax and dried herbs. The palate is textured and complex. Intense, pointed finish. Again, the wine makes me think of walking through a humble door into a very large ornate room."- Winemaker's notes

Alheit Vineyards Magnetic North 2020

Alheit Vineyards Magnetic North 2020, "The nose is vivid and pure, yet near impossible to pin down. Is that grapefruit swirling in the air? Or pear? Or neither, nor both? The wine makes you want to sit down or at least steady yourself. The palate is a long, bristling arc of sour fruit and citrus oil; the finish lingers on in a steady hum. Some say that there is enough electricity in one of these bottles to power a modest house for an hour or so." - Winemaker's notes