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Pol Roger Winston Churchill Packaging Competition

This Pol Roger packaging design was created to commemorate Sir Winston Churchill, one of the most profound and influential leaders of all time. Through all of his triumphs and mishaps, Churchill always retained the ability to appreciate the finer things life had to offer, such as decadent food and champagne.

The package celebrates the life of a legend, showcasing that which inspired awe and wonder.  It takes an illustrative approach to provide insight into the momentous life of one of the most influential people in history. The design utilizes imagery and small vignettes to portray Churchill’s story. The objective is to allure the consumer and instill the desire to learn more.

Within the box, there is a brochure which affords meaning to the package’s imagery – revealing story and facts about Churchill.  The design seeks to associate the strong, indomitable image of Winston Churchill with that of the refined, classic Pol Roger. It was also designed to billboard, with the graphic connecting around the adjacent panels. I can think of no better way to pay tribute to one of history’s most influential leaders, than to have his favorite champagne designed after him.

Cheers to the legacy of Sir Winston Churchill!

Winston Churchill Bottle

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