Miani Ribolla Gialla Pettarin 2015


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"Miani's 2015 Ribolla Gialla Pettarin is dense, creamy and voluptuous. A classic Miani white, the Pettarin exudes class and textural intensity without being excessively heavy. Yellow stone fruit, apricot pit, chamomile and lightly honeyed notes give the Pettarin its centered, deep personality." - Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media


100% Ribolla Gialla
Drink Date:
2017 - 2023

French oak barrel


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Miani Ribolla Gialla Pettarin 2015

Ribolla Gialla, Miani, Friuli, Italy, White, 750ml

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About the Producer

Miani is the home of Enzo Pontoni, who must be one of the finest white wine producers in Italy, if not the world. No words can accurately describe this modest estate located in the DOC of Colli Orientali del Fruili, near the village of Buttrio. The entrance to the estate is perhaps the most unglamourous welcome you’ll find. A handful of chickens and a broken tractor are all that greet you, but don’t underestimate Pontoni’s ability. His skills are not restricted to only his estate. He is now also consulting, just up the road, at Meroi.

Miani has 13 hectares of organic vineyards, spread across multiple varietals. These include Tocai Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Refosco. Density is high - each hectare shoehorns in almost 7000 vines. Even with the high-density of the vineyards, yields are kept low, at around 20 hectolitres per hectare. Only 12 000 bottles are produced each year, and only if Enzo believes the juice is worth the squeeze. In 2002, for example, no wine was released - the harvest simply not up to Pontoni’s high standards.

All wines are barrel fermented, with about 40% consisting of new French oak. Processes in the cellar remain rustic, discarding malolactic fermentation, and unconcerned with temperature control. Wines are bottled per vineyard, to highlight the subtle changes from one to the next. It’s not just his whites that are worth noticing. You’ll also find a rich and polished Merlot, and a flagship Refosco known as “Calvari.” Both are aged in 100% new oak.  

Enzo Pontoni took over the family vineyards after his father passed away. This reclusive maverick owns a mere four hectares of vineyards and rents another nine, all of which he runs organically and from which he produces less than 700 cases a year. He works in shockingly unassuming cellars where he transforms his minuscule yields of a dozen different varieties into delightful, rich wines. The result is a tiny line of decadent, full-bodied, complex wines that are near impossible to obtain and one of which is perhaps Friuli's greatest example of Sauvignon Blanc.

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