Marguet Père et Fils Ambonnay Grand Cru 2011


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Champagne Benoît Marguet in Ambonnay is one of many extremely interesting small producers in Champagne. He is the kind of producer that you rarely find, unless you know exactly where to go. - BKWineTours

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49% Chardonnay, 51% Pinot Noir
Drink Date:
2018 - 2020



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Vineyards & vinification
Vineyards & vinification:

Produced biodynamically using grapes sourced only from trusted suppliers

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Marguet Père et Fils Ambonnay Grand Cru 2011

49% Chardonnay, 51% Pinot Noir, Ambonnay, Champagne, France, 750ml

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About the Producer

Located in Ambonnay, a famous village of the Montagne de Reims, the Marguet-Bonnerave House was established in 1875, evolving to Champagne Marguet Père et Fils in 2005. Absolutely fanatical about the soils of Champagne, fifth-generation vine-grower and chef de cave, Benoit Marguet, is the current trustee of the family heritage.

Keeping things as close to nature as possible, Benoit has been managing both of his grand cru vineyards (one in Ambonnay, the other in Bouzy) by complete natural and biodynamic methods. He also strives to have the same philosophy in the cellar, keeping the addition of sulphurs to an absolute minimum and working the wines according to the cycles of the moon. Benoit is a charming man and a visit here always reveals great insider info on the latest happenings in Champagne.

With the small exception of the Marguet family vineyards, a mere 0.7 hectares, most of the grapes used for production are sourced from surrounding grand cru and premier cru vineyards. As the quality of the soils and grapes are of utmost importance, Benoit will only enter into agreements with growers he knows personally to be careful and precise with their vines.

All this effort means only the finest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes make it into the cellar. Once fermented in steel, wines are transferred to older barrique for a period of 10 months. Second fermentation takes place in the bottle, which is done deep in the underground cellars. Typically, bottles will be allowed to rest between two and five years before release depending on whether it is non-vintage or vintage.

An exciting single vineyard offering, the “Les Cragers” has come on stream, along with the creation of “Sapience” - the only Champagne that is not only released as a yearly vintage each and every year, but also fully organically made.

Benoit describes each cuvée as its own unique creation, with its own style. He doesn’t rank his wines in any particular hierarchy, rather advising that they should be enjoyed as the moment dictates.

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