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Making a noise in Saumur. Guiberteau

Great Domaines Domaine Guiberteau Saumur

If it was not for GD’s Charlotte Dagueneau, we might have had to wait a lot longer for an allocation from Romain Guiberteau. Her close connection to the Loire and its wine growers meant that Romain was more than happy to make a plan. Romain Guiberteau owns some of the best land in Brézé, and his dry Chenin blancs have caused quite a bit of ruckus (of the best kind) in the fine wine world.

Dear Reader,

Brézé is arguably one of the most important terroirs in the Loire valley. There is a mineral skeleton and underlying depth to the dry Chenin blancs from here that set them apart from any others from the Loire. Domaine Guiberteau has 17 hectares of vines, 9 of which are located in the great terroir of Brézé. A little more than half of the surface is planted to Chenin blanc, with the remainder planted to Cabernet Franc. In a very short space of time, Guiberteau has become one of the most popular kids on the Saumur block. It truly is a privilege to be able to import the wines into South Africa.

The key things to know
17 hectares under vine (Chenin blanc and Cabernet Franc)
9 hectares of this located in Brézé
Only 2.5 hectares of the 9 go into making the Saumur Brézé cuvée
Large proportion of old vines (some as old as 80 years)
Organic viticulture since 2003, certified in 2007
The only new oak that is used is 40% for the Saumur Brézé cuvée

Soon after taking over at the family domaine, Romain Guiberteau was mentored by Clos Rougeard’s Nady Foucault. What Romain has achieved in just a few years is remarkable. These are fine white wines that deserve a place in any cellar.

GD’s first allocation of Guiberteau is made up exclusively of Chenin blanc. Of these, we have three of the wines available today. Please note that on the Saumur Blanc ”Clos de Guichaux” (from 1.6 hectares) and Saumur Blanc ”Brézé” (from 2.5-hectares), orders are limited to two bottles per wine, per person.

Great Domaines Domaine Guiberteau Saumur

Domaine Guiberteau

Appellation Saumur Contrôlée

R 425
per bottle

Domaine Guiberteau
Saumur blanc
”Clos de Guichaux”

Appellation Saumur Contrôlée

R 695
per bottle*

*orders are limited to two bottles per wine, per person.

Domaine Guiberteau
Saumur blanc

Appellation Saumur Contrôlée

R 995
per bottle*

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