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Lanson Let’s Play

Saturday the 8th of July saw the first ever Lanson Let’s Play SA Wimbledon day held by Great Domaines, to celebrate Champagne Lanson’s 40th associated year with The Championships Wimbledon. With British weather and three courts for us to play on, the day was filled with sportsmanship and vintage attire. The event began with a taste of the Lanson White Label which you are encouraged to add fruit, mint and citrus elements to, in order to help further express this dry-sec champagne. Strawberries and cream were of course served throughout the day, together with good old English style traditional cucumber sandwiches to snack on.

When play began we opened the Lanson Black Label Brut and the champagne was flowing for the rest of the day. A wonderful time was had by all, and we plan on going bigger and better in the coming years, hoping to make the event an annual feature.

The day ended with a light lunch and prize giving. The winners were as follows:

The Joburg Foodie (Steve) winning ‘Most Improved Player’
Corlien Morris (Wine Menu) winning the ‘John McEnroe Award for Most Vocal Player’
Wikus and Chef David Higgs (Marble Restaurant) winning the ‘Andre Agassi Award for the Best Dressed’
James Hobson winning the ‘Roger Federer award for the Highest Score’ on the day

Here’s to many more years of partnership with Lanson and The Championships Wimbledon!