Global Champagne Day, time to celebrate

“Remember gentlemen, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne”. Such was the love Sir Winston Churchill had for champagne and the mere mention of it has the ability to conjure up images of luxury, celebration and excellence. Friday the 20th of October is Global Champagne Day and in honour of it, we are offering a mixed case selection of Grower Champagne with a 10% saving.

In the world of wine there is nothing more prestigious than a bottle of Champagne. From the pop of the cork to the wine’s delicate mousse; this beautiful nectar electrifies all four of our senses. A bottle of champagne may come at a premium, but once you understand how complex and layered the process is to produce it, the investment becomes a relevant one.

Although champagne is often used as a blanket term for all sparkling wine, it in fact is exclusive to those wines produced from grapes from the namesake region in France. The Champenois (inhabitants of Champagne) have perfected the ‘art of blending’ and producing the wine (through a process of a secondary fermentation inside the bottle), key to Champagne for over four centuries. Some Champagne houses like Champagne Lanson, the fourth-oldest house (est. 1760) continue to follow an age-old method, developed over many generations, to ensure that every bottle is crisp, fresh and zesty with exceptional fruit purity. Some like Champagne Pol Roger (est. 1849), which produced Sir Winston Churchill’s favourite champagnes, can pride themselves on still being under the ownership of the same family. Pol Roger may not be the first champagne to come to most people’s minds, but some things are more important than a brand. “We are not the best known but we are known by the best”. (Both Lanson and Pol Roger are available from Great Domaines).

Growing in popularity are the Grower Champagnes – those that are produced by the same estate that owns the vineyards from which the grapes come from. These champagnes have been described as artisanal, tend to be more terroir focused and with the vineyards clustered around a single village.

Great Domaines is proud to import three of the best in South Africa: Marguet Père & Fils (Ambonnay, Montagne de Reims), Vilmart & Cie (Rilly la Montagne, Montagne de Reims) and Larmandier-Bernier (Vertus, Côte des Blancs). Marguet Père & Fils and Larmandier-Bernier strictly adhere to natural and biodynamic principles and Vilmart & Cie avoids use of chemical herbicides and pesticides through natural biological methods and even tills its vineyards using a manual hoe.

The best champagnes have the ability to age and evolve in the bottle, developing in complexity and character like no other wine on the planet. We invite you to explore the three Grower Champagnes we have on offer to celebrate this Friday’s Global Champagne Day.