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Pintia is located in the region of Toro, in the municipality of San Román de Hornija, in the province of Valladolid. In 1996, the Álvares family was implementing its strategy of growth in the fine wine space, which was underpinned by the successes of Vega Sicilia in 1982 and Alion in 1990. Some of the decisive factors behind the triumph of Pintia are the cutting-edge facilities, a very well cared-for vineyard and knowledgeable professionals in both cellar and vineyard.

The continental climate provides good conditions for plant life to flourish and ensures sufficient development of the grape sugar levels. The soil was formed on top of alluvial deposits, which to a large extent, shaped the high terraces of the river Duero.

The land on each of the plots is cared for by considering the textural and structural differences of the soil. This allows for the intrinsic personality of each individual parcel to be catered for during vinification, thus avoiding a catch-all approach.

The winery architecture deliberately responds to the different phases of wine production. As such, Pintia is divided into six independent buildings to form a unique complex. Following the sequence of production, the buildings correspond to the cold storage area, fermentation, cask ageing, bottle ageing, shipment hall and administration.

Pintia is made from 100% Tinta de Toro, producing a fruity and opulent wine with a fresh finish. Ageing is done in 100% new oak, mostly French (around 70%) with the remainder made up of American oak. The wine spends its entire malolactic fermentation process in oak, and then up to a further 15 months (minimum of 12 months) before being bottled. Bottles will remain on the estate until deemed ready for public release.

The result is signature Vega-Sicilia, but with a clear Toro imprint. Deep, dark, inky wine – plenty of fruit with a powerful body.

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