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Paolo Scavino

“The Scavino family (Enrico and his daughters Enrica and Elisa) carry forth an important family legacy with a wide range of cru-specific wines that brilliantly exhibit individual styles.” – Wine Advocate

Since the estates inception in the 1950’s, Enrico Scavino has been at the forefront of innovation in the Langhe, pioneering qualitative improvements that have driven the regions rise to prominence. Taking a cue from Burgundy, he vinifies all parcels separately, in order to understand his land better.

Based in Castiglione Faletto, in the centre of Barolo, the estate is ideally placed to understand the nuance of Barolo terroir. This is where the tortonian and Helvetian soils of the region meet, giving an intricate balance between the elegance of La Morra and the power of Serralunga.

Winemaking at the estate has evolved over time, with Enrico being neither steeped in tradition or in thrall to modernism. A dedication to hygiene and focus on the health of the fruit have been constant however. Wines are aged in barrique, cask and bottle before release.

While buying across the range is essential to fully understand the myriad Barolo terroirs, keep an eye out for the Bric del Fiasc (part of the original ‘Fiasco’ hillside that comprised the estate at its inception) and the Rocche dell’Annunziata Riserva, one of Barolo’s unofficial Grand Crus.

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