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You have been introduced to the Garcia family’s successful and high quality wine ventures in Bodegas Mauro in Tudela de Duero and Maurodos San Roman in Toro. Garmon Continental completes the Garcia family’s trilogy of wines and wineries in the Duero Valley. When this project was started, the Garcia family committed to traditional viticulture of their forefathers. This means working with small-scale, old, sparsely-grown vineyards planted with indigenous clones at higher than usual altitudes. All of these characteristics combine to produce grapes which will allow for elegant, refined wines with excellent fruit expression.

The grapes for this winery come from four very different terroirs with vines aged between 40 and 80 years old, grown in four separate villages in the east of Ribera del Duero. There are small plots of vines where the vines are older than 100 years. The villages are Banos, Tubilla and La Aguilera on the right bank of the river with Moradillo on the left bank. The terroir is so diverse from village to village that the soils are quite different and you will find the vegetation in each village is also different, one from the other.

The winery is modern offering all the functionality and convenience of well-designed space with the most modern equipment. Leading up to the fermentation process, the grapes are moved by gravity with only natural yeasts being used. Aging in French oak barrels takes place for approximately 16 months producing a wine that is complex, balanced and refined with aromatic richness and soft tannins. These wines are a fitting addition to the Garcia family’s portfolio.

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