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Doro Princic

Alessandro (Sandro) Princic, a charismatic Italian gentleman with a glorious moustache, acts as the guardian of Doro Princic. The domaine is named after his father, a humble farmer who through hard work brought to life what is today one of Friuli’s finest wine producers. Doro Princic is a tiny estate that sells the majority of its wines from the cellar door.

The hard work has paid off. Every year, countless enthusiasts flock to the estate, not only to taste his wines, but also to meet the man behind the wine. Sandro’s knowledge is already being passed on to the next generation. He is joined by his son Carlo in the cellar, to ensure that Doro’s legacy continues.

Founded in Collio in 1950, the estate owns ten hectares of vineyard that are divided up into 30-odd terraced parcels, producing 55,000 bottles annually. This is spread between Friulano, Malvasia, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Bianco – harvested extraordinarily early. Steering clear from any oak, Sandro prefers to leave his wines untainted by oak through the use of stainless steel tanks.

Expect a fresh wine with lots of concentrated fruit and a beautiful texture. This is benchmark Friuli.

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