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Domaine Vincent Dauvissat

In 1931, Robert Dauvissat made a crucial decision to stop selling his wines to négociant merchants who would blend it with wine from other producers from the same area to produce vast volumes of undistinguished wines. From that time, he bottled under his own label and handed the business to his son, René, who continued to make great Chablis from some of the finest sites just as he had learnt to do from his father. This is Chablis royalty as the Dauvissat and Raveneau families are linked.

Vincent Dauvissat joined his father in the business in the late 1970’s and in 1989, he was handed complete control of all aspects of the domaine. Although the wines were outstanding in all respects under the guiding hand of René, if anything, the whole range has become even more profound with Vincent in charge.

Vincent adheres to natural farming principles and uses vine treatments sparingly, if at all. All vineyard work is carried out by hand and he follows a focus of using old barrels for the maturation of the wines, sometimes as old as 8 years. Vincent’s meticulous winemaking is a succession of little details bred of constant observation and reflection.

The domaine has vineyards in the grands cru appellations of Les Clos and Les Preuses while premiers cru grapes come from Les Forest, Sechet and Vaillons. There is also some village Chablis as well as Petit Chablis. While these wines are really out of the top drawer, quantities produced by the family are very small.

Vincent produces Chablis wines that are concentrated, full of finesse with strict minerality and freshness. The family tradition is set to continue as Vincent has been joined by the fourth generation in his son, Ghislain and daughter Etiennette.

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