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Domaine de Triennes

Domaine de Triennes was founded in 1989 by two illustrious names of fine wine: Jacques Seysses of Domaine Dujac and Aubert de Villaine of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti in Burgundy, France. This estate, high up in the hills of the Var region of Provence, has already established itself as one of the finest in the region. As you can imagine, rosé made by such illustrious owners has to be good and we have been bringing it into South Africa for a number of years now because it is that good.

Domaine Triennes stands on a hillside 30 km from the Mediterranean where, since 1990, it has taken advantage of the cool micro-climate and the clay and limestone soils that are ideal for viticulture.

In 1989, two Burgundians, Jacques Seysses (of Domaine Dujac) and Aubert de Villaine (of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti), joined by their Parisian friend, Michel Macaux, went in search of new vineyards. After a long search, they discovered the Domaine du Logis de Nans in the Var, east of Aix-en-Provence. They were immediately attracted to its gently sloping hillside with southern exposure. The estate was renamed Triennes, a reference to the festival for Bacchus, Triennia.

Convinced by their Burgundian experience that the quality of great wines comes from the vineyard, the new owners began by investing heavily in the renewal and the tending of the vines. The focus on the 40 hectares of vineyard remains a priority to this day. Stylistically the aim is purity in the expression of the terroir.

For the whites and the rosé, the foremost consideration is the finesse of fruit and freshness of the wines. The cool microclimate favours acidity in the wines. For the reds, the desire is to produce structured wines which combine ripe fruit with complexity, elegance and finesse.

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