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Domaine Nicolas Champagneux

Nicolas Champagneux’s connection to the region of Côte-Rôtie runs deep and back to when he was a small boy. Today, when looking up his name and wines, you will often see the words ‘’rising star’’.

His father, Gérard, was the head of vineyard management at the legendary Guigal and responsible for farming this domaine’s Côte-Rôtie vineyards. While Nicolas’ uncle managed the family vineyards, producing a few casks per year exclusively for family consumption as the Champagneux holdings were key vineyard sources for Guigal.

As a result, Nicolas spent many years gaining invaluable experience by working with both his father and uncle. When his uncle later passed away, Nicolas inherited a parcel of one of the greatest vineyards on Côte Brune, ‘’Les Grandes Places’’. This compelled Nicolas to make the transition into formerly establishing the family domaine and producing wines for commercial release under their own label.

The Champagneux holdings of ‘’Les Grandes Places’’ were always sold to Guigal until Nicolas began his venture. With the assistance of his wife, Oriane, who works at Les Vins de Vienne, and mentorship from Yves Cuilleron, Nicolas constructed a winery and began to produce his own wines.

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