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Domaine Michel Lafarge

Domaine Michel Lafarge rose to prominence in the early 1900s and has since developed a firm grip on the village of Volnay. Michel handed the reins over to his son Frédéric in 1995.

Frédéric has been working with his father in their 13th century cellar, trademark trousers pulled up high and with a focused look on his face. He is constantly overseeing some part of his estate.

A legacy of conservatism persists here in steering away from the 1980s trend of planting clones. Lafarge abandoned this as yields could not be driven low enough to match the concentration of older vines (ranging from 60-100 years old). They were one of the first estates to begin using organic fertilizer and converted to biodynamic farming across the entire estate in 2000. This has led to a healthier soil and Frédéric believes their biodynamic approach has led to greater balance in their wines.

Michel and Frédéric were a formidable duo, turning out full and juicy young wines. Patience will be rewarded however, with subtleties in the wines revealing themselves if you let them lie for five years or more.

In January 2020 Michel passed away peacefully at the ripe old age of 91. A true loss to Burgundy and the world of fine wine.

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