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Domaine Marc Roy

Domaine Marc Roy is located in one the most prestigious villages in Burgundy, Gevrey-Chambertin. Since 2003, the Domaine has been meticulously run by the 4th generation of the Roy family: Alexandrine Roy. Even though she only produces 4 village reds and 1 white from Marsannay, her wines, according to most wine critics, are so exceptionally made that they could easily pass for wines from a higher quality appellation.

When Alexandrine took over this tiny domaine of just four hectares, her intention was to further raise the bar. She has gradually reduced yields in order to produce fewer but better grapes with greater concentration of flavour. Her vines are tended as if it was a personal garden; grown organically with extreme attention to detail. She carefully ploughs her old vineyards (some over 100 years of age) to allow the roots to dig deep into the shallow limestone. Through minimal intervention and gentle extraction, she allows her old vines to express themselves with extreme depth of flavour and clarity.

In 2005 she created the cuvée “Alexandrine” to showcase her talent. She selects the grapes over six of her favourite plots of vineyards. She only harvests the grapes that are “millerandées” (the grapes that are naturally smaller and concentrated). Although this results in a doubly long selection process and twice as many locations to create this special cuvée, the resultant wine can possess grand cru complexity without the price tag. Domaine Roy also produces a Chardonnay from the village of Marsannay called “Les Champs Perdrix”.

The winemaking follows the same attention to detail and is carried out in the most traditional way to shine the spotlight on the expression of the different terroirs and vintages.

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