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Domaine Francois Raveneau

With some of the most celebrated and exceptional wines in all of the region, Domaine Raveneau is true Chablis royalty. This relatively small holding of only 8 hectares consists of vines situated in villages, premiers crus and grands crus appellations and produces wines of consistent and enviable quality.

With yields kept low, all grapes are harvested by hand and picked early to preserve their acidity. Acidity is maintained in the winemaking process by minimising the use of oak and choosing stainless steel tanks over barrels for fermentation. Ageing of the wine is done in 8 year old oak barrels, to further minimise the impact of wood.

Their yearly production is minuscule and Francois, advocating the principles of natural winemaking, was hesitant about sending his wine beyond the french border for fear of them being compromised in transit. Francois passed away in 2000, but his legacy lives on in the hands of his sons Bernard and Jean-Marie, who have slowly handed control over to Bernard’s daughter, Isabelle. Truly a family-run domaine.

Francois’ old-fashioned approach remains, ensuring that the wines retain their textured minerality and rich fruit. Don’t underestimate these wines’ ability to age – after five to ten years in bottle they truly start hitting their straps.

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