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Domaine du Pélican

Domaine du Pelican, based in the Jura and owned by Guillaume d’Angerville of the famed family domaine in Volnay, has brought the world’s attention to this small French region whose entire wine production comes from about 2000 hectares - equivalent to just three Burgundy villages.

It all happened a bit by accident. Dining at a two-star Michelin establishment in Paris, Guillaume d’Angerville, as usual, asked the Sommelier to pour him blind an interesting glass of white wine. There was only one rule: no Burgundy. The wine was terrific, but Guillaume was disappointed as he was convinced he had been poured a Burgundy. To his great surprise, the wine happened to come from the appellation of Arbois in Jura (where you can find a Pelican on the coat of arms).

The experience led Guillaume to start a new venture in this quiet region tucked away in a sleepy corner of France, an hour’s drive due East. It took him, his estate Manager Francois Duvivier and their geologist, Yves Herody four years to find the right land that would tick all the boxes of geology, orientation, drainage and aspects. 4 hectares of the current 15 they own were obtained from the godfather of Jura, Domaine Jacques Puffeney.

d’Angerville’s arrival in the Jura was initially met with scepticism from the locals. However, Guillaume made it clear that his goal was to bring a worldwide awareness to the great and incredibly unique wines of the Jura. From the start he was able to implement organic and biodynamic viticulture, all managed meticulously. As their knowledge of the Jura’s unique terroir and style of wines improves so does the quality of their wines. Guillaume d’Angerville has already identified a particular vineyard which he believes one day will gain premier cru status.

The wines currently being made at Domaine du Pélican include a Chardonnay and a Savagnin Ouillé on the white side, and a Poulsard and a blend called Trois Cepages (Pinot Noir, Poulsard and Trousseau) on the reds.

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