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Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé

This domaine is one of the oldest and finest in Burgundy and its history can be traced back well over 500 years to 1450, when Jean Moisson first planted vines in what is now known as Chambolle-Musigny. The current label carries the name of Comte Georges de Vogüé who took over in 1925 and has remained in the hands of the family for all of twenty generations.

It was his daughter Elisabeth, Baronne Bertrand de Ladoucette, who established the dynamic team which exists today. The team consists of three individuals: winemaker François Millet, who started in 1986, business director Jean-Luc Pépin, who joined in 1988 and vineyard manager Eric Bourgogne, who joined in 1996. All three now work under the current owners Claire de Causans and Marie de Ladoucette, grand-daughters of Comte Georges de Vogüé.

The domaine owns 7.25 hectares of the famous Le Musigny vineyard which constitutes around 70% of the whole grand cru. In addition, it has 2.75 hectares of Bonnes-Mares and 1.8 hectares of premier cru Chambolle-Musigny.

The philosophy at the domaine is based on a humble and respectful alliance between vineyard and people. The fundamental values of the estate, vineyard, cellar and marketing lie in a respect for both the vagaries of nature and the specificity of the domaine’s vineyards. Only vines over 30 years old are selected for the Musigny, with grapes from younger vines bottled as premier cru.

The style of de Vogüé is the epitome of Chambolle – delicate aromas, refined yet profound flavours, a finish made of silk. These are wines that come into their own not ten years down the line but 30; a cellar without a selection of de Vogüé is a cellar missing the soul of Burgundy.

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