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Bodega San Román

The Bodegas y Vinedos Maurodos winery was founded in 1997 by Mariano García (Bodegas Mauro owner and former winemaker at Vega Sicilia ) as a new project to produce wines from the Toro DO of Spain.

The official name of the winery is Maurodos but everyone refers to it as San Román, the name of their first and better known red.
100 hectares of vines are planted in the villages of Villaester, San Roman de Hornija and Morales, mainly with Tinta de Toro, the local clone of Tempranillo. In general the vines offer smaller berries and bunches than Tempranillo in other regions, and yields wines that offer deep colors, intense aromas and robust structure.

In recent years the winemaking team, under Eduardo ( Mariano’s youngest son) direction, has been producing wines in a fresher style, harvested at the optimum moment to balance freshness and richness. Organic methods and some biodynamic concepts and practices are implemented.

The varieties and plots are vinified separately in tanks of different materials and capacities. And the aging takes place in French and American barrels, which are renewed by 20% each year. The aging in barrels varies from one to two years depending on the vintage and the type of wine.

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