Delamain – Grande Champagne Cognac House

Tucked away on a narrow street in Jarnac stands the unassuming house of Delamain. This family owned firm traces its history back to 1824. 

Delamain was founded when James Delamain (born in Dublin, Ireland) married Isaac Ranson’s daughter Marie on 24 November 1762. After James’ death in May 1800, the firm fell apart. Anne-Phililippe Delamain and his cousins of the Roullet family re-established the name as Roullet & Delamain as a producer of Cognac in1824. Today it is run by directors Patrick Peyrelongue and Charles Braastad, both whose grandmothers were Delamain.

Delamain signs no contracts with its cognac producers – this means that only the best cognacs are selected prior to blending. Another factor that sets them apart is that no VO or VSOP is made – Delamain deals only with XO Cognacs. In fact, their youngest offerering (the Pale and Dry) far exceeds the requirements of an XO cognac – with a minimum age of 25 years. All cognacs used for blending come from Grande Champagne, the top terroir in the Cognac region. 

The Delamains live by a simple principle – that their work should carry a personal signature. They are driven not by price or production – in fact, they produce as much cognac in a year as what major producers such as Hennessy produce in 3 days – but rather by the appreciation of the connoisseur.