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David & Nadia 2020 vintage release

Our series of releases from our South African Great Domaines continues, and today with the 2020 vintage from one of the country’s most coveted producers, David & Nadia. Please also don’t forget to register for the online Tastinar on 19 August – details below.

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At one stage, ‘rugger-bugger’ David Sadie may have ended up in a starting XV Bok jersey. As glorious as that would have been to see, it’s difficult not to imagine the South African wine landscape without him and his wife, Nadia. An injury altered David’s course and led him to study viticulture where he and Nadia met. We feel very proud to be part of this couple’s present journey and share with you here today, their 2020 vintage bottlings (2019 for the “Elpidios”).

At the heart of what David & Nadia do are their four vineyard-blend wines: Chenin blanc, “Aristargos”, Grenache noir and “Elpidios”. Then there is the trio of single-vineyard Chenin blancs – now some of the most highly respected and sought-after Cape white wines around.

David & Nadia line-up

“We’ve consolidated our efforts, realigned our goals and are offering you seven wines that truly represent our philosophy and dreams for the Swartland. In 2020 we bid the Topography Sémillon farewell after 5 years and this year we do the same with the Topography Pinotage. Of course, Sémillon and Pinotage are still important vineyards which we farm on Paardebosch and will remain an integral part of the Aristargos and Elpidios, as blending components.”

David and Nadia Sadie | June 2021

David & Nadia | “Elpidios” 2019 | R 365 per bottle
David & Nadia | Grenache noir 2020 | R 365 per bottle 
David & Nadia | Chenin blanc 2020 | R 365 per bottle 
David & Nadia | “Aristargos” 2020 | R 365 per bottle
David & Nadia | “Höe-Steen” Chenin blanc 2020 | R 755 per bottle *on allocation*
David & Nadia | “Skaliekop” Chenin blanc 2020 | R 755 per bottle *on allocation*
David & Nadia | “Plat’bos” Chenin blanc 2020 | R 755 per bottle *on allocation*

Due to the very small production of the three Chenin blancs, “Skaliekop”, “Hoë-Steen” and “Plat’bos”, these are available on an allocation basis only. Those that have previously received an allocation will be offered the wines again. Please speak to your account manager about these three wines. With regards to the rest of the range, please let us know what you would like to order*.

*Please allow for around 7 working days for delivery of your order. Our cellar team is busy catching up on deliveries of orders that were placed during the most recent ban on the sale and movement of alcohol. We thank you for your patience. 

*Online orders for David & Nadia range only

A brief look at each wine

Elpidios 2019
A blend of Grenache noir (38%), Syrah (36%), Pinotage (10%), Carignan (9%) and Cinsaut (7%), this 2019 vintage again includes a portion of wine that was fermented and matured in a concrete vessel – both the Grenache and Syrah. Along with the concrete vessels, the wine was also matured in old 500L neutral French oak barrels and a 4,100L foudre (for the Pinotage). Similarly with the straight Grenache noir, the “Elpidios” undergoes a long, gentle extraction with around 50% whole-bunches before being pressed off. After bottling, the wine was aged in bottle for 18 months before release. This vintage is again based on grapes grown in granite soils from the Paardeberg, blended with structured shale/schists from the east, clay rich soils from the north and iron mixed soils from the west.

Grenache noir 2020 
The 2020 vintage consists of four Grenache noir vineyards, with the core one situated in the Paardeberg which was planted in the early 2000s. The other Paardeberg vineyard was recently planted on the north-eastern side of the Langkloof valley, overlooking the Aprilskloof. The third component is a vineyard planted in 2016 in terraced schist soils of the Kasteelberg, high up in the mountain. Finally, there is Grenache noir which comes from a farm north of Malmesbury, which David and Nadia have been working with since 2012. A component of the wine was fermented and matured in concrete. Juice was kept on the skins for four weeks prior to and during fermentation, and 60% whole bunches were used. One punch-down per day was done resulting in minimal and gentle extraction. The wine was pressed off and matured in old 500L neutral French oak barrels and a 2,700L concrete vessel for one year.

Chenin blanc 2020 
This wine continues to focus on various Old Vine Vineyards (7 in total), with dates that the vineyards were planted ranging between 1968 to1985. The grapes come from a mix of soils, all dry land farmed: granite from the Paardeberg, blended with shale/schist from the east, more clay-rich soils from the north and iron-rich soils from the western parts of the Swartland. The grapes were whole-bunch pressed and naturally fermented and then matured for 11 months in old neutral French oak barrels. Two components were fermented and matured in concrete – one in a square concrete tank and the other in a concrete egg.

Aristargos 2020 
A blend of Chenin blanc (49%), Roussanne (10%), Sémillon (9%), Marsanne (8%), Clairette blanche (7%), Viognier (6%), Verdelho (5%), Grenache blanc (4%) and Colombar (2%). The Aristargos 2020 shines a spotlight on the granitic soils of the Paardeberg. Chenin blanc from shallow shale soils in the Paardeberg and iron rich clay soils to the west of Malmesbury are also added along with Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne, Verdelho and Grenache blanc from iron rich clay, lateral shale soils. For the first time, Colombar was also added. Dates that the vineyards were planted range between 1960 and 2013. The grapes were whole-bunch pressed and naturally fermented and then matured for 11 months in old neutral French oak barrels. The grapes from the two Sémilllon vineyards were fermented on their skins for a week before being pressed and matured in a very old 2,500L foudre for a year. The Colombar was also fermented on the skins (for 5 days) and matured in an old oak barrel. One Chenin blanc component was fermented and matured in a concrete egg. In total, the grapes from 17 different vineyards were used, picked on 23 different dates.

Hoë-Steen Chenin blanc 2020
The Hoë-Steen vineyard was planted in 1968, west of Malmesbury towards Darling, in deep, red iron and clay rich soils. This block is a late ripener due to south-facing slopes. This vineyard was planted according to massale selection and the vines grafted onto root stocks which were planted the year prior. A few Cape Riesling (Crouchen blanc), False Pedro, Palomino, Sémillon and Clairette blanche vines have been discovered since then. Right at the end of the harvest, this 2-hectare vineyard was harvested over three pickings. It was hand sorted, whole-bunch pressed and matured in old French oak barrels for a year. A total of 2,521 bottles were produced.

Skaliekop Chenin blanc 2020
Planted in 1985 in very shallow shale soils in the Paardeberg, this vineyard is somewhat of an anomaly as the mountain is granite driven. A small tractor road divides the Plat’bos and Skaliekop vineyards. Skaliekop is harvested at the end of January, early February and over four picking dates. The wines of the different pickings were aged separately, before blending and then bottling at the end of the year. A total of 2, 346 bottles were produced.

Plat’bos Chenin blanc 2020
This is the third vintage of the Plat’bos Chenin blanc, planted right next to the Skaliekop vineyard in decomposed granite. Planted in 1981 on the Paardebosch farm, this vineyard contributes to both the David & Nadia Chenin blanc and “Aristargos”. Farmed since 2013, the Plat’bos vineyard forms a central part of what David and Nadia seek to do with granite-based soils in their white wines. Harvesting took place over five picking dates and all lots were fermented and aged separately. A total of 2,381 bottles were produced.

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Simon Crawley
Account Manager | WSET – Level 3

Online Tastinar with David and Nadia Sadie

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