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Cult status Sancerre

If you are after classic Sancerre then the wines of François Cotat are not for you. But, if it’s fine white wine that resonates with the renegade inside you then carry on reading and clear some space in your cellar for some of these Cotat 2019s. 

Dear Reader,

Born and raised in the village of Chavignol, François Cotat presides over five hectares of vineyards including those planted on the treasured hillsides of Les Monts Damnés and Le Cul de Beaujeu. The commune of Chavignol lies on Kimmeridgian clay and caillotte (type of stone) soils. Vines grow on very steep slopes, rendering the farming of vineyards very labour intensive. Grapes are picked late to ensure the richness and flavour are carried through into the wines. In the cellar, Cotat intervenes as little as possible and makes use of old demi-muids for the fermentations. There is no settling of the wines and Cotat chooses not to filter either.

There are arguably very few people in South Africa who will associate Sauvignon blanc with the ability to age and develop complexity over time. Cotat’s Sancerre wines go against the current but demand respect for their concentration, complexity and incredible structure.

”Iconic and idiosyncratic, the wines of François Cotat are codeword for cellar-worthy Sancerre…The wines all have an intensity of concentration that comes from low yields on a top site and impressive structure. Are they classic Sancerre? No, they’re Cotat.”
Rebecca Gibb MW | Vinous | August 2021

François Cotat 2019 Sancerre mixed case
R 3,990 per 6-bottle case

Caillottes | Sancerre blanc | 2019 | x 2 bottles
From a parcel just east of Mont Damnés in Chavignol (not yet tasted)

Monts Damnés | Sancerre blanc | 2019 | 96-97 pts. Vinous | x 2 bottles
“…intense concentration and laser-like precision…a wine that’s all about delicacy and structure.”

Culs de Beaujeu | Sancerre blanc | 2019 | 95 pts. Vinous | x 2 bottles
“An idiosyncratic, intriguing wine…an almost briny essence on the long finish.”

We put together this six-bottle mixed case as it provides the best way to experience Cotat’s unique style of Sancerre. But, if you would prefer to have the freedom to choose your own selection, you can view the wines on our website and either place the order there or get in touch with us directly.