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Coravin launches new preservation system for Sparkling wines

For the past 8 years, it has been the dream of Coravin founder Greg Lambrecht to have a preservation system for both still and sparkling wines. After testing various prototypes with hundreds of different sparkling wines from champagne, Méthode Cap Classique, Cava to Prosecco, and all in collaboration with industry professionals, the new Coravin Sparkling™ wine preservation system is about to be launched.

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From Wednesday the 1st of September you will be able to purchase this new Coravin Sparkling™, a new product innovation which is going to change the way the world enjoys sparkling wines.

Daniel Johnnes, founder of La Paulée and corporate wine director for Daniel Boulud said: “I could not be more thrilled about the timing of the new Coravin sparkling system. I will now be able to sample champagne or any sparkling wine with the same excitement as still wines.” Johnnes goes on to add: “This is the hottest category of wines and people have finally discovered that sparkling wine, especially champagne, is not just a wine for celebrations. They are wines for pairing with your meal. I can now have a glass of Blanc de Blancs with my appetizer and move on to fuller-bodied styles with the main course. And most importantly, I can do that and know the sparkling wine will still be fresh for another day.”

Designed with both the on-premise partner and consumer in mind, the portable system pairs a secure, universal-fit stopper with a hand-held charging unit to maintain a sparkling wine’s carbonation level between pours, providing two weeks of preservation.

The Coravin Sparkling™ System package contains one Sparkling Charger Device, two Sparkling Stoppers, four Coravin Pure™ Sparkling CO2 Capsules and two protective bottle sleeves.

The patent-pending universal Sparkling Stopper features an internal locking clamp design that self-adjusts to fit securely on all standard 750ml and magnum (1.5L) bottles – even the distinctive bottles from notable luxury champagne producers – making it truly universally compatible.

This proprietary locking design also maintains up to 55psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure, secure enough to preserve the natural pressure found in sparkling wines before they have been opened.

The patent-pending Sparkling Charger uses Coravin Pure™ Sparkling CO2 Capsules to inject carbon dioxide into the bottle through the Sparkling Stopper to fill the bottle.

Be among the first  bubbly drinkers in South Africa to own a Coravin Sparkling. Simply get in touch with your account manager, or email us by clicking the button below, and we will contact you following the official release from Coravin.

Coravin Sparkling

The past two years have been a busy time for Coravin. Last year they launched an improved line of their original Coravin devices featuring SmartClamps™ on all original systems (now called the Timeless Series). In addition to the original Coravin System that provides years of preservation, they have introduced the Pivot line, a simpler option that offers weeks of preservation for wines you plan to finish over a few evenings or weekends.
The evolution in Coravin’s devices presents an attractive opportunity to acquire a Model Two “Elite” from the previous generation at a significantly reduced price.

Coravin Model Two "Elite"

Only 10 units available 

Model Two “Elite” | White | with 2 x Coravin Pure™ argon gas capsules
Model Two “Elite” | Gold | with 2 x Coravin Pure™ argon gas capsules
Model Two “Elite” | Green | with 2 x Coravin Pure™ argon gas capsules