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Alsace: one foot in Germany but its heart in France

Pictured: Riquewihr, home town of Domaine Trapet Alsace

When compared to other fine wine regions, Alsace always plays the underdog role. Any lack of attention arguably comes down to the lack of understanding, which is somewhat understandable. Alsace is situated in the north-east of France on the Rhine River plain, bordering Germany and Switzerland. Its physical boundaries are the Rhine and the Vosges mountain range. Intermittent periods of military occupation were the only times that Alsace was German in any way. But the German language persists there, so too does the way in which the market operates. German grape varietals are farmed too. But, the way in which the vineyards are farmed is very much French and how the wines are made.

Dear Reader,

As the proud importers of the wines of the Trapet family of Gevrey-Chambertin, we are also fortunate enough to bring in Jean-Louis Trapet and his wife Andrée’s wines from Andrée’s family’s vineyards in Alsace. From a mere two hectares they took over in 2002, they have since increased this to 15.5 hectares, including a cluster of Grand Crus. Domaine Trapet is based in Riquewihr, north of Colmar, but also have vines in Kientzheim and Beblenheim. The very same biodynamic principles that are applied in Burgundy are applied in their Alsatian vineyards

”The wines…show a very elegant, discreet and refined gastronomic style…elegance, finesse and natural, well-balanced vitality. The grand crus can be exceptional…”
Stephan Reinhardt for Wine Advocate

We have two mixed cases available today. The first is split evenly between the white blend, the A Minima 2020 (sec)* which is a blend of Sylvaner, Gewurztraminer, Muscat, Pinot gris, Riesling, Pinot Auxerrois, and the estate Riesling, the Beblenheim 2019 (sec et gras)*. 

The other mixed case is dedicated to three Grand Cru wines from Trapet – a Riesling (sec et gras)*, Pinot Gris (liquoreux)* and Gewürztraminer (doux)*, all from the 2015 vintage.

You will notice mention made of the below classifications next to each wine. These refer to the degree of ripeness/sweetness of the wine. This is the same model used in the likes of the Loire for Vouvray. While wonderful on their own, these wines from Trapet Alsace are also perfect culinary partners. Even if you have a preference for drier/sweeter styles, we encourage you to try these mixed selections and with food.

*sec = dry | sec et gras = medium dry | doux = medium sweet | liquoreux = sweet

Trapet Alsace Intro. Case

A Minima blanc 2020 x3 Bottles
Riesling Beblenheim 2019 x3 Bottles

R 2,235

Trapet Alsace Grand Cru Case

Riesling Schœnenbourg Grand Cru 2015 x2 Bottles
Pinot Gris Sonnenglanz Grand Cru 2015 x2 Bottles
Gewürztraminer Sonnenglanz Grand Cru 2015 x2 Bottles

R 4,309