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Alheit Vineyards 2022 vintage release

Alheit Vineyards 2022 vintage release

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Chris Alheit likens the 2022 vintage to 2014 for the healthier yields. There was a lot of rain during the 2021 growing season, which resulted in big canopies on the old bush-vines. As opposed to 1-2 tons of grapes per hectare that were pressed in previous years, in 2022 Alheit Vineyards pressed between 3-4 tons per hectare. Lots of fruit is one thing, but all of the rain did mean that managing acidity levels became a real challenge. From what Chris calls a ”mediocre” growing season, the quality of the wines they produced is something he is very happy with and proud of. He attributes it to the quality of their vineyards and the work they have put into them.

The style of the 2022 wines from Chris and Suzaan is overall ”more robust and fruit-forward”, in Chris’ words. The Cartology remains the backbone of Alheit Vineyards and in 2022, the wine is “the real winner of the vintage”, says Chris. It needs re-emphasising that what makes Cartology so special is that Chris picks and chooses what components of his old vines go into it. In 2022, due to the higher yields, Chris had enough fruit to carve out the wine he wanted (and it is worth noting that the wine has a healthy portion of Huilkrans in it!). Production was very much the same as 2021 at 27,000 bottles. There is no intention to make more wine just because Mother Nature provides for it. It is all about maintaining the highest level of quality possible.

Again, due to the healthier crop in 2022, Chris says with a wry smile that there is a very good chance that some old vine Chenin may have slipped into the Hereafter Here 2022. As the young vineyard Chenin blanc and at the price point, this is a wine you should be loading up on.

With regards to the Magnetic North, Chris laments that it is a similar situation to the 2013 Radio Lazarus. It was a last-minute decision to pull the wine from being released from the 2022 vintage. The wine was simply not up to the standard Chris looks for in it.

The Hereafter Here and Cartology are both available to order today. Of the two old vine Chenin blancs, Nautical Dawn and Fire by Night, we have a very limited amount available and orders are limited to two bottles per wine, per person. The balance is kept for all those customers on our allocation list. There is sadly not enough Huilkrans, Hemelrand Vine Garden and Monument Sémillon to make any available on the release today. All of it is available strictly on allocation only.

Alheit Vineyards 2022 vintage release

2022|Hereafter Here|W.O. Western Cape|R 310 per bottle

2022|Cartology|W.O. Western Cape|R 445 per bottle

2022|Fire by Night|W.O. Swartland|R 565 per bottle (max. 2 bottles per person)

2022|Nautical Dawn|W.O. Stellenbosch|R 515 per bottle (max. 2 bottles per person)

2022|Huilkrans|W.O. Citrusdal Mountain|On allocation only

2022|Monument Sémillon|W.O. Franschhoek|On allocation only

2022|Hemelrand Vine Garden|W.O. Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge|On allocation only