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A wine for every Christmas stocking

Presents and holiday trips – we all end up spending quite a bit of money for the festive season. Having good wine on the table doesn’t mean another hefty expense. We have put together six wines across different styles and regions to cover any meal or even gift. Pick up the selection as a mixed case or double down on what you prefer.

Dear Reader,

One really cannot go into the festive period without a stash of bubbly. Turn your attention to home soil for quality bubbles that is also very affordable: Donovan Rall’s Méthode Ancestrale Cinsault Rosé 2020 and Cap Classique Colmant’s flagship Brut Reserve Non-Vintage.

We are fortunate in South Africa to enjoy the summer during the year-end break. This means you will need some fresh and zippy white wines. From Tuscany, we have a 100% Vermentino from Castello ColleMassari that boasts vibrant yellow fruit and freshness. Then, a wine that tends to get overlooked until tasted, is the dry 100% Furmint from Hungary’s Oremus estate (which belongs to the mighty Vega Sicilia of Spain’s Ribera del Duero). This cuvée, the Mandolas, possesses mouth-watering acidity and loads of character.

Once the sun has set and the food hits the family table, whether it be a simple braai or lavish roast, you will need to have some hearty red wines at the ready. From Bordeaux’s left bank in the appellation of Saint-Estèphe, we have the second wine from Château La Haye, called Fief. This comes from the very impressive 2016 vintage and is a blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot. The wine is made from vines of an average age of twenty years, so this is a claret primed for drinking. Lastly, from the Southern Rhône valley, we have Château de Saint Cosme’s Côtes-du-Rhône red blend named Les Deux Albion. This sumptuous wine is made from whole-bunch Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre, co-fermented in concrete tanks.

R 1,750 per mixed 6-bottle case

Rall Wines
Méthode Ancestrale
Cinsault Rosé 2020
x 1 bottle

Castello ColleMassari
Vermentino 2020
x 1 bottle

Château La Haye
Fief de La Haye
Saint-Estèphe 2016
x 1 bottle

Colmant Cap Classique
Brut Reserve
x 1 bottle

Dry Furmint 2019
x 1 bottle

Château de Saint Cosme
Les Deux Albion 2020
x 1 bottle

If you prefer to order certain of the wines listed above and by larger quantities, we have listed the prices per bottle below. You can place your order online or simply get in touch with your account manager to have it arranged for you.

And if you need the wine sent to your holiday destination in South Africa, now is the time to get this organised.

Let us take care of your festive season wine!

Rall WinesMéthode Ancestrale Cinsault Rosé 2020|R 265 per bottle

Colmant Cap Classique|Brut Reserve NV|R 265 per bottle

Castello ColleMassari|Melacce Vermentino 2020|R 225 per bottle

Oremus|Mandolas Dry Furmint 2019|R 365 per bottle

Château La Haye|Saint-Estèphe Fief de la Haye 2016|R 335 per bottle 

Château de Saint Cosme|Côtes-du-Rhône Les Deux Albion 2020|R 295 per bottle

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