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A Pelican to the rescue

The insatiable demand for burgundy wine continues, and agonisingly so amidst a run of challenging vintages in the region resulting in less wine to go around. There is sweet solace to be found in the wines of Domaine du Pélican from Jura. Both red and white, these biodynamic wines are authentic and produced with both location and the environment firmly in mind. With much excitement, we release the 2018s today – a vintage which welcomes the first bottlings of a few single-vineyard wines.

Dear Reader,

Serendipitous beginnings 

Guillaume d’Angerville of the great Volnay domaine, Marquis d’Angerville, was dining out one evening in Paris and was served a bottle of 2005 Chardonnay from Jura – blind. So impressed by the wine, Guillaume was eager to learn which Meursault he had been served. This Chardonnay was not even from the Côte d’Or. Following several trips to Jura and tasting many a wine, he was eventually convinced to invest in buying land there. Three years later, Guillaume closed the deal on Château de Chavannes in Montigny-lès-Arsures in 2012 to purchase and lease five hectares. Five more hectares followed shortly after and in 2014 an additional five hectares were leased from Jura godfather Jacques Puffeney who was retiring.

To the present day 

Domaine du Pélican’s fifteen hectares are within two kilometres of each other, with vines planted between Arbois and Montigny. Marquis d’Angerville estate manager François Duvivier is Guillaume’s partner in the Jura domaine and concurrently, all work in the vineyards is done biodynamically.

Inevitably, the approach in the cellar is very Burgundian but the experience and wealth of knowledge within the team means that these wines are delicately crafted and are unmistakably Jurassien. Very little new oak is adopted and in fact it is tanks and larger foudres which are used for the reds, while 500 litre casks are used for the Savagnin and traditional Burgundian barriques for the Chardonnay. The Pélican white wines are also ”topped up” (Ouille) rendering them fresher as opposed to the more common oxidative Jura style.

”This is a fabulous set of 2018s from Domaine du Pélican, Guillaume d’Angerville’s Jura property.”
Antonio Galloni for Vinous | September 2020

Our offer today is made up of two parts. There is a mixed twelve-bottle case of wines which offers the perfect overview and introduction to the wines of Domaine du Pélican. The second part covers four single vineyard wines and then a limited amount of the very first Pinot noir to be made at the Domaine.

Domaine du Pélican 2018 mixed case
R 6,375 per 12-bottle case

Arbois | Trois Cépages | 2018 | 92 pts. AG | x 3 bottles
“…a brilliant introduction to Guillaume d’Angerville’s Jura reds. Bright and punchy…”

Arbois | Poulsard | 2018 | 92 pts. AG | x 3 bottles
“…striking…a focused, ethereal red with striking translucence…”

Arbois | Chardonnay | 2018 | 91 pts. AG | x 3 bottles
“…absolutely delicious…super-expressive, inviting Chardonnay. What a beautiful wine this is.”

Arbois | Savagnin Ouillé | 2018 | 93 pts. AG | x 3 bottles
“…fabulous…vibrancy that is impossible to miss. Quite frankly, this is an eye-opening wine.”

As mentioned above, the Arbois Pinot noir is the first to be made at the Domaine and it’s an exciting arrival. We suggest drinking it alongside a 2018 red burgundy and getting a bit extra to see how it ages. With the four white wines, there are two Savagnins and two Chardonnays. The Savagnin ”Macération Pélliculaire” undergoes a short time macerating on the skins which gives the wine some tannic grip and firm structure. The Savagnin ”Grand Curoulet” (ouillé) and Chardonnay ”Grand Curoulet” are produced from a single, north-facing plot of the same name. It is regarded as one of the finest pieces of terroir in Jura, located on the side of a hill overlooking Arbois and the Saône plain. Also a single vineyard wine, the Chardonnay ”En Barbi” is a very distinctive wine and is essential for all white burgundy lovers. En Barbi is a South-facing plot, nestled at the end of an amphitheatre of hills surrounding it.

Domaine du Pélican 2018 limited releases
Only 36 bottles of each wine available

Arbois | Pinot noir | 2018 | 93 pts. AG 
“…effusive aromatics…an absolute delight to taste…exquisite balance and total class.”
R 525 per bottle

Arbois | Chardonnay ”Grand Curoulet” | 2018 | 94 pts. AG
“…a wine of breadth and texture…so much intensity and yet it remains translucent and light…”
R 595 per bottle

Arbois | Savagnin ”Macération Pélliculaire” | 2018 | 94 pts. AG
“…outrageously beautiful…a showstopper. That’s all there is to it.”
R 595 per bottle

Arbois | Chardonnay ”En Barbi” | 2018 | 93 pts. AG
“…Ample and yet sculpted…a wine of total class…In a word: dazzling!”
R 675 per bottle

Arbois | Savagnin ”Grand Curoulet” Ouillé  | 2018 | 94 pts. AG
“…the interplay of richer fruit and bright acids is simply compelling.”
R 675 per bottle


AG = Antonio Galloni for Vinous

With the impending shortage of burgundy (especially white), look to Jura for there is a Pélican swooping in to the rescue. Adorning a cape stitched together by thread of tradition, craftmanship, quality and respect for the environment, the Pélican is a new hero on the fine wine block.