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Zalto Grey Spittoon “250”

R1,225.00 inc. VAT
The Zalto Grey Spitoon can be used as an overflow container or spittoon and holds a 250ml capacity. Zalto glassware stands at the rarefied point where form meets function. Each piece of Zalto glassware sets itself apart instantly – from the perfectly executed balance to the exceptional design, it seems almost too delicate to hold. Yet it is perfectly made for just that. This Spittoon is a great addition to your glassware collection to catch any overflow wine when doing a tasting.

Zalto “Axium” Decanter

R1,550.00 inc. VAT
Volume: 1450 ml Gives the wine the ideal ventilation to help develop the wine's aroma and taste.

Zalto “Mystique” Decanter

R1,775.00 inc. VAT
Volume: 1900 ml Ideal for magnum bottles.