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Retailer of the Year 2015: Riverside Liquors

Great Domaines recognises the important role our trade partners play in our business. Without them, we simply wouldn’t be able to do what we love every day, and our wines simply wouldn’t make it into the hands of a lot of thirsty people, or onto winelists. So, to all of the restaurants and retailers supporting Great Domaines:

Thank you.

Without you, our mission to give wine-lovers in South Africa the opportunity to buy and drink fine wine from some of the most revered domaines in Europe would be impossible.

Every year, we acknowledge one of our trade partners with our Retailer of the Year Award, given to the retailer we feel has gone above and beyond to promote and uplift our brands. Sales play a factor, but what matters most important is the relationship between the restaurant or retailer and Great Domaines. In 2015, the award went to Cape Town retailer The French Market, in Cape Town.

This year, we are recognising Bryanston bottle store, Riverside Liquors. Owner Roger Correia has been behind Great Domaines from the get go, and has done much to promote and increase the awareness of our brands. They’ve just moved into a new store in the Bryanston Shopping Centre, so do go have a look at their new premises.

The team at Riverside Liquors with their retailer of the year award.

The Team at Riverside Liquors: CJ, Proprietor Roger, Lakin and Sonny

Visit their store for a fantastic selection of local and international wines, hard to find beers and top shelf spirits. They also have some of the most knowledgeable and friendly staff in Johannesburg.

Well done to Roger and his team!

Riverside Liquors Bryanston
Riverside Shopping Centre
011 023 0848