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Chardonnay is a tricky grape to market as being cool and fashionable. It doesn’t have the sexy reputation of Sauvignon Blanc, or have the girly, flirty thing going on like with a Rosé. Mention Chardonnay and you immediately think of a wine that is more reserved, so how do you get a generation of younger drinkers interested?

Chablis super-producer William Fèvre believes they have found the way, by targeting the trendiest group of cool kids there are: Hipsters. Bravo to them, as it is no easy task to sell something to a group that has a core value of rejecting consumerism. So how have they done it?

Meet this year’s limited edition Chablis, pictured above:

The difference is day and night (see what I did there?). This is a seriously cool bottle of vino, and a radical departure from the stock-standard green bottle. Known as the “Hipster Edition”, this is not just a pretty face filled with below average juice. Inside the bottle is the 2013 vintage of the usual Chablis (also available in “standard edition”), which is a bloody delicious wine.

I have to say, I really like what has been done here. I am no authority on cool (but a fantastic authority on uncool), but I want it. To my eyes, it looks as though Chablis has had a baby with an iPhone, and the super-secret black light decoration is just pure genius. What’s the point of something exclusive if it’s there for all the world to see?

You don’t even have to like it ironically.